Frequently asked questions

What kinds of songs does the Choir sing

The choir performs an extensive collection of music. Traditional spiritual and contemporary gospel, top the list. We also perform inspirational and motivational music including songs sung in Spanish and Hebrew, Swahili; Jazz, Pop, and Broadway tunes.

How often does the Choir rehearse? How often do you perform? Does the Choir take a break?

A. The choir rehearses twice a month. Rehearsals are increased as needed in preparation for performances. The choir breaks in the summer, before and/or after major holidays, i.e. if rehearsals dates occur during that time

As a member, do I have any financial obligations to the Choir?

Each member contributes in the form of annual dues. More details are on the membership page.

Does the Choir travel? Who pays for travel?

The choir does travel to perform occasionally. Usually travel is local. The organization will usually reimburse for parking, tolls and/or gas.

Q. What happens if I have a successful audition?

After a successful audition, you will be notified. It will then be your decision to become a member. If you choose to join, you will be asked to pay your annual dues within a month of joining.

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